WhatsApp Video Calls

WhatsApp Video Calls at Any Time

As of today, if you have not answered an incoming video call on WhatsApp at the beginning, do not worry, since from now on, and while the video call is still in progress, you can enter it at any time you want.

WhatsApp Video Calls

It is the new of the popular messaging platform, owned by Facebook, which makes video calls more functional, seeking that people do not miss interesting moments because they were not able to join in its beginning.

Even if they are ignored at first, they can be accessed later

In addition, users will be able to leave them and re-enter while they are still in progress, and even if they have not accessed the video calls to which they were invited first, they will have a screen where they can see the attendees who are already inside as well as those users who have also been invited but have not yet joined them.

If that is not enough, if users ignore participating in them at first, if they change their mind, they may later join them without prejudice.

Despite the de-escalation and reopening of non-essential activity in some territories, there are still epidemiological situations where the most advisable thing is to avoid physical contact, so video calls will continue to be the order of the day to maintain contact with family and friends from distance.

WhatsApp group video calling

They know this perfectly on WhatsApp, where they also know that they have a tireless competition that does not stop evolving either, so all these functions seek precisely to make things easier for users who use their service to be in contact with others.

They also add that with the arrival of these capabilities, the security and privacy of end-to-end encryption will continue to be maintained in their service.

We do not know if this news will be reflected or reacted in other services, but the truth is that the competition does not stop increasing its benefits despite everything, so video calls will continue to be more than present over time, having become part essential of communication in our lives.

Android feature reminds you to look up

Look Ahead Alerts You To Use Your Android While Walking

You can now configure your Android mobile to give you a slap on the wrist if you get distracted by looking at the screen when you walk on the street.

Android feature reminds you to look up

Yes, that function that came to the Pixels months ago, and that aims to prevent users from walking distracted by not raising their heads from the screen. An option that comes as part of the Digital Wellbeing functions.

The “Look ahead” feature extends to more Android devices

Among the news that we told you that Google announced for the Pixels was the “Look ahead” function. A safety feature that alerts you when you get distracted by looking at your mobile screen while walking on the street.

A function that is already reaching all Android phones that have native Digital Wellbeing. So if you are one of those who do not take off from the mobile screen even when you are on the street, you can configure this security function to remind you that you must leave the device.

Look Ahead Alerts

You will find this option within the “Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls” settings. So go to your mobile settings, find this section and activate the “Look ahead” function. And of course, for this option to work on your mobile you need to give a series of permissions.

Once you configure the option and give all the permissions, this mobile function will work in the background to detect if you are looking at the screen when you are on the move. When this happens, you will see a notification from Digital Wellbeing, with a message like “Checking activity from Look ahead …”

And of course, it will alert you every time it detects that you are looking at the screen while you are walking. You will see a notification “Be careful. Avoid using the phone while walking. If for some reason, the mobile has not detected the situation well, you can indicate it in the same notification.