Fix forever the bug The application has stopped

How To Fix Forever the Bug The Application Has Stopped

When using our Android mobile we can connect with many errors, but among them, there is one that can be especially worrisome. When the message “The application has stopped” or “The application has stopped” appears, we are forced to stop using it, although luckily there are ways to solve this common problem.

Fix forever the bug The application has stopped

Although there are many ways to solve it, our intention is that the problem does not recur, at least as long as it depends on us and for that we recommend that you follow a series of steps. We have to test each and every one of them to find the origin of the problem and ensure that we can use that application on our mobile without being forced to force the closure.

When the message appears the application has stopped?

The first thing we will do is find out when and especially in which application this message appears. Among all the apps that are on our smartphone, one is the one that is specifically suffering the problem and causes us to continually see the message, which in other cases may appear as force closure or force stop. This can happen as soon as we open the app or when we are carrying out a specific task.

Once we know the specific moment in which it occurs, we must make sure that the moment in which the application closes varies. In case it is always the same point, it will be an application problem, the developer could have made a mistake in the last update and we are suffering from it.

Contact the developer to rule out the error

Unfortunately app has stopped

From the Google Play application store, we will be able to comment on the application to receive feedback on this specific problem. The more details the bug the easier it will be for the developer to test it. Other users may also have warned, so it is convenient to look at the latest comments and opinions to know if we are the only ones who suffer from it.

The application closes just by opening it

In case this message appears just by opening the application on our mobile, the failure of the stopped applications could be easier than we think. For some reason, our mobile does not assimilate the information that the app wants to give us, something that can come from a too large cache space or a specific error that does not stop causing the closure.

Delete all data from the app

The simplest method and that in the vast majority of cases is to clear the cache and the rest of the passion information. Accessing Settings> Applications and selecting the app that sends us the message that it has stopped, and then choose storage and clear cache as well as all data. Then we will try to use the app again to see if this time the problem is solved.