Make a USB Stick Bootable

How to Make a USB Stick Bootable?

Badflashes often cause problems, which is why, by now everyone agrees that the best choice to flash the bios, is to avoid performing the operation from software but to use a bootable USB stick, in which will be located the bios to be overwritten with the one already present.

Make a USB Stick Bootable

But how to make a USB stick bootable to flash the bios? Read this guide: today I will explain to you just how to create a bootable USB stick and how to insert the software for the flash.


Warning: the procedure may be slightly different between one device and another, however it is quite simple to understand which button to click by analogy.

First, check which version of bios you have on your motherboard. To do this I recommend programs like CPU-Z. Knowing the installed version is very important, to understand if it is updated with the latest patches and fixes.

Now you can start. Take an empty USB stick and follow these steps:

  • Insert the pen into the pc. Download and install the USB Disk Storage Format Tool software from this link USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Check that the USB key is selected on the device tab.
  • You will see the item “File System” choose “FAT” and check “Create a DOS startup disk”. Then choose “using DOS system files located at” and upload the files into this bootdisk622 folder located in the archive.
  • Now you have to start and wait for the end of the operation which will make the key bootable.
  • Once the key is bootable, download the Bios in Dos format (you can find it on the website of the brand of your mainboard). Usually, a small compressed package is downloaded which contains both the flash software and the bios.
  • Some motherboards already have their own software to flash the bios. In this case, all you have to do is download the form, start it with the appropriate software. In the user manual, you will find all the information on how to use it.

Windows 10 USB Bootable Flash Drive

  • Now take the downloaded files and insert them into the stick. Write down the exact name of the exe file you enter. Warning: before the download, some important information about the “old” bios may appear, such as selecting a specific file. If nothing appears, continue as if nothing had happened.
  • In most cases, you will see, as mentioned above, the software for the flash + the bios and possibly other files to insert, which you have to leave alone for now.
  • Reboot the pc enter the bios of your mainboard (usually you enter by pressing the CANC key) select the boot from the USB key (in most cases you will find it in advanced options> boot sequence / First boot….
  • Save and restart your pc by booting from the stick. Now you will find the DOS started, type the ex name I told you to save in step 4 (example Flash.exe), and press ENTER. The download of the program will start.
  • Restart the computer, enter the bios, load the Default values ​​” Load Optimized Defaults” and finally save.

BIOS updated. Check the version with CPU-Z again to verify that it is a newer version than the one you had earlier.